10 reasons convertible tops malfunction…

  1. Attempting to put the convertible top down while the car is moving.
  2. Refusing to read the car owner’s manual on the subject of proper operation of the convertible top.
  3. Putting the convertible top down with a dirty rear plastic window.
  4. Rubbing the rear plastic window without cleaning the grit off first.
  5. Mazda Miata (’90-’97) – forcing the rear plastic window zipper without unlatching the convertible top first.
  6. BMW 3-series – attempting to force the electric top down by continuing to push the switch even when the top is not moving.
  7. Installing large stereo speakers into the convertible top well with glass window top.
  8. With the top up, forcing long pieces of lumber into the convertible.
  9. Buying cut-rate convertible tops on the internet.
  10. Dancing on the convertible top.