Car Alarm Installation in Los Angeles

Interested in new car alarm installation in Los Angeles? If so, read on to learn about all the different features that come with our quality car alarms.

  • Headlight convenience: This feature will allow you to turn the vehicle headlights on to light your path using a remote control transmitter.
  • Domelight convenience:With this feature, you can turn the dome light on whenever the doors are unlocked by using the remote control transmitter.
  • Tamper warning: You can rest easy knowing that your tamper warning produces a different unlock confirmation tone if your vehicle has been disturbed while you were away.
  • Learning receivers: This allows us to use off the shelf replacement parts for transmitters, because the system has the ability to “learn” and remember the new transmitter.
  • Entry delay warning: During the passive entry delay, this unit gives you an audible warning before it goes off.
  • Warn away: A slight shock to the vehicle produces short warning tones, while major shock or repeated minor shock will produce the full alarm.
  • Trunk release: This feature allows the operator to use the remote control to open the trunk.
  • Programmable multi-tone siren: This allows the vehicle owner to recognize his alarm from others. It also draws attention to the vehicle because of its random and changing nature.
  • Restrained volume chirps: Most units have entry and exit chirps, which are the same volume as the full alarm. The SCS/Frigette unit uses chirps that are approximately one half the volume of the full alarm.
  • Anti-Scan: This feature prevents sophisticated thieves from using automatic code generating devices to randomly scan the system in the hope of hitting the correct code.

If you are interested in remote car starter installation in Los Angeles—or any of the above special features—please call AAA Convertible & Sunroof Services at 949-515-1525, or visit our Contact Us page.