August 19, 2019

car owner

"Re replacement of my moon roof: Quality work, fair price, delivered on time."
May 14, 2019

"Lee- I can’t thank you enough for fixing my sons sunroof! He was getting drenched & we just needed it sealed. Lee went above & beyond my expectations by actually repairing the sunroof at a very reasonable cost and even replacing the fabric! Such an honest & professional team. Thank you for your expertise! Highly recommended "
December 2, 2018

Jeweler of convertibles

"Lee is truly the "jeweler of convertibles". After a four year wait, between finding someone to work on my convertible and obtaining the parts, AAA came to the rescue and finished the job today! Lee was extremely helpful diagnosing the problems and identifying the parts needed. Thanks to AAA, I was able to drive home from Costa Mesa today top down (as it should be in November in California)! :) Thanks Lee and team!"
Reply from business owner:
Eric, thank you very much for your business. It was a pleasure here at aaaconvertible.com to serve you and create another satisfied customer.
September 13, 2018


"First off all, from my experience Lee is a great guy and is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. The people that write horrible things about his personality may want to take peek in the mirror. Those comments are horrible and have no place in this or any review environment. I am saddened they were even allowed by Yelp! Now, with that written, Lee knows convertibles inside and out. Absolutely recommend him for tops and upholstery. Just expect it to take a while. A job on which he quoted me a 10 day turnaround took nearly a month. Eventually, I felt I had to go there every day in order to get his attention. Granted, we had couple parts issues, but that does not account for nearly three additional weeks. I really like Lee and the work he does is UNPARALLELED. NO ONE IS BETTER. NO ONE! I just think he sometimes "bites off more than he can chew". I may have been an anomaly. I do not know. Ultimately, my 1992 BMW 325i has a working convertible top and excellent upholstery. (Proof positive that you can get anything to work if you throw enough money at it). It is AWESOME! Thank you, Lee."
July 26, 2018

Restores cars

"I met Lee over 20 yrs ago. I need to have my cars repaired right the first time! When ever I see Lee, he would almost always stop what he's doing to help me. I can say, when I leave a car, the car is always ready on the day promised and price is perfect for the work he's done. Yes, I could cut cost by someone else doing the work, but I have learned over the last 40 yrs, you get what you pay for. Lee is the real deal!!"